Jobs in healthcare are in high demand. When many of us think of careers in healthcare, we think of jobs as nurses, medical assistants, and other high-profile positions.  However, as people are living longer, and the focus has shifted more to prevention, many new careers have opened up in health and wellness-related fields.  According to a recent article in Health Careers Journal, many great new health and wellness careers are now in high demand.  Here are 20 great ideas for healthcare jobs you may not have considered:

  1. Nutritionist/Dietician – A nutritionist advises on food, nutrition, and how these impact an individual’s health. Nutritionists work at schools, hospitals, spas, rehabilitation facilities and other sites. This job requires a college degree with associated courses, and a license or other certification.
  2. Personal Chef – As people get busier and have less time to focus on nutrition, personal chefs have become more popular. Personal chefs can design and create well balanced meals for families or individuals on the go.  This job requires culinary training.
  3. Personal Trainer – Personal trainers tailor a fitness regime to an individual client’s needs and lifestyle.  Check your state for the requirements necessary for a license or certification.
  4. Massage Therapist – Massage therapists can work in their own private practice or on the staff of wellness centers, spas, cruise ships, athletic clubs and more. This requires a license and/or certification.
  5. Patient Educator – Patient educators educate patients about their options, rights, payment and health care information and more.  This one requires a degree with associate courses. Check for local requirements.
  6. Reflexologist – Reflexology is an alternative medicine practice that uses applied pressure on the feet, hands, or ears to effect a physical change on the body. Reflexologists work at spas, wellness centers and private practice.  Requirements are a reflexology course and certifications.
  7. Pharmacist – Pharmacists, also known as druggists or chemists, focus on safe and effective medicine use. Pharmacists are in high demand, and well-paid. A six year degree is required.
  8. Athletic Trainer – Athletic trainers work at colleges, high schools, athletic clubs, as well as professional sports organizations. Trainers must have a Bachelor’s Degree in physical education and other health and fitness related studies. They must also  receive certification.
  9. Physical Therapist – Physical therapists help people who have injuries or illnesses improve their movement and pain. They are employed by health care centers, hospitals, wellness centers, schools and more. Physical therapists must complete an accredited program.
  10. Medical Scientists – Medical Scientists research diseases and ailments to help find cures. They’re employed by private laboratories, health care agencies, pharmaceutical companies and more. This position requires four to eight years of college, depending on the specialty.
  11. Wellness Coach – Wellness coaches help people or businesses lead healthier, more well-balanced lives. They often work in private practice. Associated degrees and courses are usually expected.
  12. Wellness Director –This job is similar to a wellness coach, but usually employed on staff of a hospital or rehabilitation center rather than in private practice.
  13. Fitness Director – Fitness directors are often employed by schools, spas, cruise ships, athletic centers and more.  Degrees in physical fitness aren’t always required, but are helpful.
  14. Anesthesiologist –Anesthesiologists provide care in a wide range of situations, from surgical procedures to hospital ICU’s to managing patients with acute and chronic pain. This job requires 4 years of college and 4 years of medical school.
  15. Disability Health Advocates – Disability health advocates look out for the best interests of those with disabilities, helping to promote income security, work and education opportunities. They often have degrees or a background in health, psychology, or social work.
  16. Health Inspector – Public health inspectors monitor health safety situations in restaurants, stores, schools and more. Check your state guidelines for requirements.
  17. Midwife/Doulah – A midwife or doulah helps women who prefer to delivery their babies at home rather than in a traditional hospital setting. They offer care during pregnancy, labor, and birth. Look into your state’s requirements. Also requires a license or certification.
  18. Substance Abuse Counselor – A substance abuse counselor is a community outreach job that involves using patience and compassion to help those in crisis. Usually requires a Bachelor’s Degree and two years experience as a counselor.
  19. Medical Biller – Medical billers process, submit and follow up on claims for payment. Some work from home, while others work at medical facilities. No degree is required, but an accounting degree helps.
  20. Dental Assistant – Dental assistants are in demand. Their tasks range from patient care to keeping patient records. Being a dental assistant requires an accredited course.

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